Container House Models

- Aug 02, 2019-

Africa Worker Camp Building

There are many different types of container houses, and different types have different uses. Let's take a look at the different specifications of the container house!

Container houses are generally divided into standard containers, communication containers, compartments, single-bathrooms, shops, and compartments. These different types of residential containers are similar in size, generally 6 meters * 3 meters * 2.8 meters, if it is used in the second and third floor of the resident container, the general specification is 7 meters * 3 meters * 2.8 meters, A one-meter-wide corridor is added to the living container on the first floor.

The container was built at the beginning to meet the needs of the dormitory. The 6-meter-long and 3-meter-wide design can accommodate 4-5 bunk beds in the middle, leaving a one-meter wide aisle in the middle. This allows people to make full use of the space of the living container, and also allows for a wide enough channel to allow people to pass smoothly. Such specifications apply to collective dormitories. Most of the domestic containers manufactured by the manufacturers refer to this specification. Therefore, the raw materials of the residential containers are basically manufactured with reference to such specifications.

The specification of 6m*3m*2.8m is the standard specification of the current resident container. Most of the resident containers are manufactured according to this standard, so that the resident containers of different manufacturers can be used together with each other, no problem due to specifications. And it can't be stacked together. The current common specifications for container houses are 6 m * 3 m * 2.8 m. There are 4-5 bunk beds placed inside, which allows people to make full use of the space of the living container. This is relatively reasonable. The specifications are adapted to most situations in which people live.