Container house dynamics

- Apr 05, 2019-

In recent years, there have been more and more people renting container dormitories in cities. For the average migrant workers, such low-cost housing dormitories are a good place to live. You can easily spend just 6 yuan per day plus water and electricity.

The promotion of container dormitories will reduce the economic burden and reduce environmental pollution. In the current city, housing construction is carried out every day, causing dust, smoke and other polluted air, and many construction wastes are piled up indiscriminately, which also causes certain troubles for the general daily life of residents. The daily noise pollution caused by construction is a common practice for residents. It can be tolerated by the sound absorption of the surrounding trees, but the dust caused by the construction of the surrounding environment cannot be prevented. Once the human body inhales harmful air such as dust for a long time, it will cause certain harm to its own health. In order to solve these problems, the development of building materials and the research on building construction are innovating every day. The container dormitory with steel structure as the skeleton When the combined construction on the open space, there will not be a lot of noise pollution, and at the same time, it is more valuable that the environment will not cause dust pollution. Because the container dormitory is built by using professionally produced containers, it is generally clipped. Core board, which is a big surprise for the current society of the environmentally-friendly city that has been advocated, the emergence of container dormitories is caused by the chain of thoughts created by the idle containers piled up in the port all the year round. Not only can idle containers be turned into treasures, but also the problem of congestion in the port. The container can not be used as a container dormitory, but also can break the traditional concept as a container office, hotel, villa and other buildings.