Container House Disadvantages II

- May 29, 2020-

Treatment of wooden floors

In order to meet the Australian government's quarantine requirements, most container floors are treated with pesticides containing copper (23-25%), chromium (38-45%) and arsenic (30-37%). Before human habitation, the floor should be removed and disposed of safely. It would be better if there were steel floors.

Cargo overflow

A container can carry all kinds of goods in its working life. Spills or contaminants may appear on the internal surfaces and must be cleaned before living. Ideally, all internal surfaces should be sandblasted into bare metal and repainted with a non-toxic paint system.


Solvents released from paints and sealants used in production can be harmful.


During use, the container will be damaged due to friction, handling collisions, and heavy loads during shipping. If cracks are found, defects such as twisted frames or pinholes are found, the company will inspect the container and condemn it.

Roof weakness

Although the ends of the container are very strong, the roof is not. The recommended limit is 300 kg.

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