Container House Disadvantages

- May 29, 2020-


Steel has good heat transfer; containers used for human habitation in environments with extreme temperature changes must usually be better insulated than most bricks, blocks or structures.

Lack of flexibility

Although shipping containers can be combined together to create more space, creating space that is different from its default size (20 or 40 feet) is expensive and time-consuming. Any container over 40 feet in length will be difficult to navigate in some residential areas.


As mentioned above, single-walled steel conducts heat. In temperate climates, humid internal air condenses on steel and becomes moist. Unless the steel is well sealed and insulated, rust will form.

Construction site

Traditional brick, block and wood construction materials can usually be moved and even moved to the upper floors.

Building permit

Obtaining construction permits in certain areas can be cumbersome because of municipal regulations that have not seen this application. However, in the United States, certain container houses are already built outside the city's zoning code; this means that no building permit is required.

Worker camp living house 4