Container House Classification

- Oct 15, 2020-

Container houses can be divided into three types according to their structural composition. The first type is a container house modified from a traditional container box, the second type is a new welded box type mobile house, and the third type is a removable container type mobile house.

The first type of container house, which is transformed from traditional container boxes, is the reuse of abandoned containers. It is characterized by being very strong and able to withstand greater pressure. The second type of brand new welded mobile house is a popular residential container in recent years. Because its technology is close to the first type of container, it is also called a container mobile house. The technical standard of this kind of container house is lower than that of container containers. It is convenient to transport, install and move, and the cost is low, the life span is more than ten years, the return on investment is high, and the scope of use is relatively wide. The third type of container house is between the prefab house and the container house. It mainly adopts modular production technology to modularize a container into standard parts, and then assemble it on-site when needed, which can speed up installation and disassembly. , Can also reduce transportation costs.

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