Container house and temporary building

- Apr 05, 2019-

At present, the domestic temporary construction industries vary from region to region. The market with the greatest demand for mobile homes is the temporary construction of the construction industry and urban rail transit construction sites. It is used for workers' quarters, offices, canteens and warehouses. A simple shed built by angle steel tents, and then improved to a reinforced concrete slab consisting of 2-3 layers of small angle steel bars and cement slabs; sheds made of bamboo in the south; and multi-purpose container-type mobile homes that require long-term open-air operations in the field. Nowadays, there are more and more light steel structure combination houses. The amount of light steel structure combination houses in the construction sites on the construction site of Beijing construction has increased year by year, currently accounting for more than half of the total; in Shenzhen, Guangdong construction site, urban track The temporary construction houses of the traffic construction site are almost all light steel structure combination houses. The above-mentioned temporary buildings are in great demand and increase year by year. They are a fairly large market. If properly guided, container houses will have a great advantage in the temporary construction industry.