Container Home Trend in The World

- Jul 18, 2019-

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The "container home unit" developed and manufactured by the New York-based "Lot-ek" design company is a 40-foot container.

The entire unit uses recycled industrial building materials. This is a house designed for lovers who like to travel around the world. The owner uses the car to drag when traveling. The facilities in the "room" can be simple or luxurious, and can be created according to the owner's requirements.

In the Netherlands, containers were used to build a student apartment with 1,000 rooms, making Amsterdam the city with the most container houses in the world. This is a large-scale project involving the Dutch government. It started in 2006 and solved the problem of housing difficulties for local college students. This kind of dormitory not only looks trendy, but also provides all the necessary facilities for the general dormitory. The roof has drainage facilities for collecting rainwater, and the heat dissipation and isolation facilities are also available.

The British urban space planning organization used the container as a component of the house to flexibly apply it. In 2001, the new “city”of the London Docklands – Container City was built.

Because the demand for environmentally-friendly materials in the area was very urgent, another new “city” was built in 2002. Architect Nicholas Reich did not stick to the idea of building a single container into a single house. Under the bold innovation of colleagues, the flexible combination of containers has become a new place for more practical life and work.

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In China, such a case is not without a precedent: On August 29, 2008, the “container school” funded by CIMC with more than 10 million yuan was built in Wenchuan County. . The country's first containerized combination campus can properly solve the learning and living needs of more than 1,050 students in the disaster area. In Ningbo, the gathering of container houses has formed a prototype of a community.