Container bathroom debuted in China to Pakistani peacekeeping force

- Jul 01, 2019-

"This kind of container bathroom facilities is both sanitary and convenient. We can take a hot bath every day!" On May 2, local time, the first batch of containerized toilets of the whole army appeared in the task area of the 11th batch of Pakistan Peacekeeping Engineering Corps. The construction can return to the camp to take a bath, and the officers and men are very happy.

Subject to conditions, China’s peacekeeping troops in Pakistan have been using simple toilets and showers. The humid environment is prone to mosquitoes and the sanitary conditions are worrying. With the continuous advancement of international peacekeeping missions, the headquarters leading organs have attached great importance to the construction of hardware facilities of peacekeeping forces, and various investments have been continuously increased.

In mid-June, after the 11th batch of China’s peacekeeping engineering brigade in Pakistan was put in place, the brigade took the replacement of the container bathroom as an important task and quickly launched. Grounding, hoisting containers, installation, excavation of oxidation ponds and drains, water supply, electricity supply... A few days ago, Pakistan’s equipment verification department verified the new arrival equipment of the peacekeeping force. When seeing the new container bathroom being installed, the verifier Dominic gave a thumbs up from time to time: "This equipment is very good, clean and sanitary, and is the best in Pakistan."

"I haven't washed a hot bath for more than a month, and this wash has found the feeling of home!" Sergeant Pang Zhenguo of the Engineering Security Squadron said with emotion. According to reports, a total of six sets of container bathroom equipment were arranged at the same time. At the same time, more than 300 officers and men were able to take hot baths. These equipments are scientific in design, save water and electricity, and are very popular among officers and soldiers.