Classification of Integrated House

- Jul 18, 2019-

According to its application field and product characteristics, integrated houses can be divided into movable houses and integrated houses.

Mobile homes can also be divided into demountable houses and movable houses. 90% of the house manufacturing work has been done at the factory, the on-site installation process is very simple, and the house can be installed without power. Mobile homes can be divided into assembled mobile homes and integrated mobile homes depending on how they are transported.

Portable houses generally adopt a box-type structure system. The overall strength of the house is very good, the mobile performance is outstanding, and the supporting facilities are detailed, and the general delivery site can be put into use. At present, it is mainly used in places such as oil exploration where the moving of houses is frequent or the use conditions are relatively harsh. The application in the construction sites of first-tier cities is rapidly increasing.

Integrated homes are often used for temporary construction with high comfort requirements or for permanent use. The design is more flexible, focusing on the comfort of use, and is generally tailored to the requirements of the customer, so the degree of standardization is low. Due to its personalized appearance, comfort, and rapid construction, it has been widely used in the field of tourism and vacation, and its development in this field is also relatively fast. In recent years, integrated residential buildings have begun to be applied in the field of new rural construction, and the future application prospects are promising.