Classification of Container Houses

- May 22, 2020-

Container houses can be divided into three categories according to their structure:

1. Container house transformed from traditional container. This kind of container house, which is transformed into a traditional container, is a reuse of the abandoned second-hand container. It is very strong and can withstand great pressure.

2. Brand new welding box mobile room. New welding type container, trailer is popular for people because of its technology is close to the first kind of container house, so also known as container trailer, this kind of container house technology standard is lower than the traditional container, is characterized by transportation, installation, mobile convenience, and the cost is low, life in more than ten years, return on investment is higher, using range is wide.

3. Removable container type mobile room. This kind of container house is between the mobile board house and the first two kinds of container houses. It mainly adopts modular production technology, modularize a container into standard parts and components, and then assemble them on site when needed, which can speed up the installation and disassembly speed and reduce the transportation cost.

With container homes, construction bosses no longer have to worry about workers' accommodation.

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