Build Prefabricated Container House Safety Rules

- Dec 04, 2020-

1. The foundation must be constructed in strict accordance with the dimensions required by the drawings to avoid sinking and deformation.

2. The indoor floor of the prefabricated container house must be 50mm higher than the outdoor floor to prevent water from the outside ground from flowing into the room.

3. It is strictly forbidden to burn open flames in the prefabricated container house.

4. If the area is a lightning zone, please install lightning protection facilities.

5. Wires must be protected and installed with conduits.

6. The surfaces of the wall panel are all galvanized, and it is forbidden to portray them and make a violent impact on the movable panels.

7. The structure, components, and facilities of the prefabricated container house cannot be dismantled or modified to avoid structural risks.

prefabricated container house