Build Chinese Temporary Construction Brand, We Are Serious!

- Sep 16, 2019-

What is China's temporary construction? China temporary construction is a building and other facilities (such as temporary office buildings, temporary accommodation, temporary school, etc.) for the main building. After the completion of the project, In addition to the parts that can be reused,all will be demolished. To put it simply, it is to serve the temporary service building built by the main project. Its main product, container house, belongs to the category of China's temporary construction. What is the origin of China's temporary construction? In 2007, K-home first proposed the concept of “China's temporary construction” and hoped that China's temporary construction could grow with a sense of responsibility and try to use its own strength to change the uneven construction market at home and abroad, and to love the construction of the world. The heart does something meaningful. After four years of hard work, China  temporary construction has become the leading brand in the Linjian market. K-home has also become a comprehensive solution provider for China's temporary construction. Today, K-home has achieved standardization, generalization, modularization, serialization and factory production through more than ten years of technological innovation and product innovation. With the theme of container, K-home has formed five major construction series to meet different customization needs of customers. Products: Engineering construction, prefab classroom, workforce housing, disaster relief and construction, military camp construction.

China's temporary construction is like a light. In 2019, it will continue to illuminate K-home.