Brief Introduction of Container House

- Feb 19, 2020-

Application of Container House

1. High-end demand for temporary construction products at construction sites, such as office, accommodation, meeting rooms, etc. of project managers;

2. The construction site is limited by the site, and only box-type combined house products can be installed;

3. Field operation rooms, such as field exploration and construction mobile offices, dormitories, etc.

4. Emergency rooms, such as military mobile command center, emergency mobile command center, and disaster relief mobile command center.

The container houses have strong adaptability to the environment and are convenient for on-site installation. They can be used as temporary offices, accommodations, overall kitchens, bathrooms, etc. for medium and high-end requirements.

Advantages of Container House:

1. Mobility: removable and reusable.

2. Quick establishment: short manufacturing period and no foundation.

3. Safety: steel structure, windproof and shockproof.

4. Durability: The outer wall of the steel plate is corrosion-resistant, acid-resistant, does not rust or crack, and has a service life of more than 20 years.

5. Sound insulation: It adopts air-break thermal design, which has good sound insulation and heat insulation.

6. Aesthetics: Various designs can be made, and the outer wall has many colors, and the appearance is beautiful and beautiful.

7. Low cost, low cost, high quality and low price.

8. Strong load-bearing capacity, can be used in multiple stacks.

portable container house