Application of Container Houses

- Jun 19, 2020-

Containers in urban areas are common used on construction sites. The containers used in construction projects are temporary houses, ranging from a few months to a few years, and will be demolished after the project is completed. This type of container mobile home has the characteristics of recycling. After the project is completed, the premises and offices can be demolished and transported to other sites for use. The construction site is the same, but the basic space usage will not change much, and the container mobile house just meets these requirements. Some cities have special requirements for the appearance of the city, and the design and construction of mobile houses on the construction site are more sophisticated. Although they are only temporary houses, these mobile houses are the signs of the construction company.

Industrial and mining enterprises mainly include engineering units such as mines, oil fields, water conservancy and electric power. The working locations of these enterprises are generally remote and often change, and the construction conditions in the field are also relatively poor. The occupant containers can meet the needs of these enterprises. When the project started to operate, the enterprise purchased occupant containers as offices, dormitories, tool rooms, etc., making a big living area. After the end of the project, these occupant containers will be transferred to their intended use, giving full play to the advantages of occupant container movement and environmental adaptability, realizing the recycling of resources and reducing the impact on the natural environment.

In addition to the above common application areas, container houses are also widely used in temporary residences' real estate company's sales points, temporary restaurants and auxiliary facilities and other fields. Although these occupant containers are not large in scale, their functions have changed a lot. As a result, Xie X's ingenious concept has emerged, such as container hotels, container shops, container cafes and container exhibition halls.