advantages of box houses in use

- Dec 02, 2019-

The overall planning and frame of the box house are not only resistant to wind and earthquakes, but also difficult to fall apart and collapse if it encounters some sudden conditions such as strong winds and earthquakes. It can also be hoisted as a whole without the need for a concrete foundation. The installation process is only It takes a few hours to get it, you can install it, and it can work well when connected to the power supply. You do n’t need to disassemble it when you need to move it. You can directly lift it and move it many times, which is convenient, time-saving, and money-saving.

container house 02

As a single box unit, the box house has more performance in terms of sealing, sound insulation, fire prevention, moisture resistance, and heat insulation than other mobile houses. Integrated box-type rooms can be widely used in various industries such as hotels, residences, dormitories, and warehouses. And it is more suitable for the application of camp construction, tourism, tourism agriculture and leisure and pension projects in tourist attractions.

container house 01