advantages of box houses

- Dec 02, 2019-

Box house is an office house we often see. It is mainly used on the construction site of the place. The reason why box house has become a common construction site living place is also determined by the nature of the construction site. Everyone knows the construction site It is a time-bound project. Once the project is successfully delivered, the original office will be moved to the next construction site. Therefore, it is the first choice for people to choose box houses instead of permanent houses. Secondly, box houses also have permanent houses. For example, heat preservation and heat resistance of concrete.

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In terms of innovation, the box-type houses constructed by the latest technology use new materials to sew the gaps between room boards and boards, which can better avoid the cold air loss caused by the installation of air conditioners in the rooms in summer. Secondly, it is the heavy floor capacity of the board house. The new box-type mobile board house adopts bearing steel columns that meet international standards to support the weight of the entire house floor. Users can install solar energy on the roof under the high heavy capacity. Civilian facilities such as water heaters and water storage.
As box-type houses become more and more humane, more and more construction sites choose them as office and residential places. In terms of lighting and ventilation, due to the high variability of mobile homes, they can be played around the board room at any time. Wear and install various ventilation holes that are needed. The reason why box houses have become the first choice for construction sites is also because of their lower construction costs. In contrast, it can save nearly 80% of the cost of construction than reinforced concrete permanent houses, but its service life can reach 20 years. In addition to life, box houses are also incomparable with permanent houses