Advantages and disadvantages of container houses

- May 05, 2019-

Original container house: Container house is a box-type product with individual units, and can also be used in various combinations according to user requirements. Compared with traditional concrete buildings, container houses have many advantages, which are not only easy to use, but also quick to install, which reduces the cost for users. Under the current concept of promoting environmental protection, low carbon and energy saving, it can be said that only container houses can solve the excessive energy consumption caused by the construction industry or the efficiency of excessive carbon accumulation. The container house is to make the house in the factory and then transport it to the site for quick assembly.

This has two advantages. The first one is that the construction period of the construction site will not be too long; the second is that during the transportation of materials, if the building is built on the construction site, a lot of inefficient materials will be transported, resulting in With the growth of carbon accumulation, it is necessary to quickly transport container houses to the construction site after they are manufactured in the factory. Two advantages can be achieved when they are assembled. One is the reduction of carbon accumulation.

The second is the tempering of the environment, which solves the very strict problems of energy conservation and emission reduction faced by today's construction industry.

It can be seen that container houses still have a certain survival market in China. It is believed that with the deep understanding of people, container houses will be able to develop rapidly.