About The Use of Mobile Prefabricated Refugee Camp

- Aug 07, 2019-

Relieve the disaster

In the earthquake-stricken area, the earthquake-resistant mobile prefabricated refugee camp is building a clean and comfortable activity refugee camp for the affected people around the clock. Due to the disassembly and assembly and convenient combination, hundreds of movable prefab houses can be delivered and used within a few days. On the ruins of the ruined walls, these new houses have become the warm new home after the earthquake.


The construction standards for disaster relief activities are earthquake resistance, heat preservation, fire prevention and heat insulation. Each household is about 20 square meters, equipped with liquefied gas, water supply and power supply facilities, which can basically meet the living needs of the victims. In addition, the construction of related facilities such as prefab schools, prefab garbage rooms and mobile toilets will be carried out according to the proportion of households. These mobile prefabricated refugee camp can be used for one to two years and can solve the housing problems during the transition period.

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