3 Container Home Mistakes to Avoid

- Nov 03, 2020-

Here we can discuss 3 container home mistakes to avoid. With the increase in the number of people entering the city, the increase in housing demand has further led to an intensified rise in housing prices. Therefore, renting a container home has become a better choice. I believe many of my friends have considered this issue. Especially in cities with relatively large housing needs, you can often see houses transformed with containers. So what should you pay attention to when using?

1. The ground is fixed. Although the container home can be moved, it is recommended to fix it on the ground when it is used in a certain place to avoid unnecessary trouble.

2. Pay attention to fire prevention. Fire is a common occurrence on current construction sites. Although container home has strong fireproofing ability, the interior decoration still does not have fireproof ability. We reminds you to be cautious about fire prevention.

3. When using the container home, do not stick advertising paper on the container, or paste it in a special form, otherwise it will leave a mark after tearing off, which will affect the appearance. Please use professional lifting equipment when moving the container home to avoid moving the container. Body collisions cause deformation, holes or depressions.

3 Container Home Mistakes to Avoid