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Temporary modular container house is a modular house whose width and length can be extended by adding numbers units. The heat-insulated material can be PU, rock wool, or another sandwich panel. All the components are standard steel structure material and prefabricated with the advantage of assembling and disassembling easily. Three skilled workers can finish 1 unit in half day. One 40HQ container can load about 12 units container house.

The waterproof design of steel structure, heat insulation material ensures the house to resist a heavy wind load of 0.45KN/m2 and 8-degree seismic intensity. All the components are standard and prefabricated with the advantage of assembling and disassembling easily.


1. Easy to assemble and dismantle, convenient in transportation and moving.

2. Small footprint. Can be installed on slopes, hills, grasslands, deserts, riverside

3. Stable and durable with 10-20 years lifetime, attractive appearance can be customized according to customer requirements.

4. Good insulation properties inside the house. Warm in winter and cool in summer

5. On-site installation. Not destroy the environment and environmental protection. A one-time investment is beneficial to all of your lifetime.


Steel Structure like below

steel structure

The installation process

installtion process

Customer visit

customer visit

Our Honor

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