Temporary Isolation Ward

On February 29, "Xiaotangshan" was installed and officially put into use!
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On February 29,  Xiaotangshan  was installed and officially put into use!

In this battle with the epidemic, a miracle was created.

Henan K-Home won valuable time to win the battle against new coronavirus epidemic prevention and control.

The temporary project includes 11 isolation wards with a total land area of 633.25 square meters; a total construction area of 1366.5 square meters and a total of 24 beds.

The project was designed and constructed at the same time. In order to ensure the rapid completion of the project under the premise of quality, K-Home was finally completed and used in less than 20 days after continuous construction. The isolation hospital is designed in accordance with strict standard, and the ward, work area, and living area are independently designed. The isolation hospital has the patient channel, the medical channel, and the dedicated channel for cargo delivery.

Temporary Isolation Ward

Temporary Isolation Ward


Temporary Isolation Ward

Isolation Ward

Temporary Isolation Ward

Medical Staff Room

Temporary Isolation Ward

Medicine Storage

Temporary Isolation Ward

Electric Power Control Room

Temporary Isolation Ward

A decision, a responsability

Although difficult

But we take

20 days! 480 hours!


Builders race against time

Pay tribute! Come on!

There are no insurmountable difficulties

We will win this battle! All Chinese poeple! All the people of the world!

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