Prefabricated Structures Residential Container School

Prefabricated Structures Residential Container School

Portable classroom and modular school are the best construction solution to saving money, which this house can adapt the crowed for temporary classroom, we know expand the traditional school will cost much money and time,
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Prefabricated Structures Residential Container School


In developing countries and some areas of developed countries, there is an increasing shortage of good quality schools and fewer places to build them.

So we entered into an amazing sustainable solutions - prefabricated container house.


Now more and more schools are using prefabricated containers to create classrooms, receiving a highly positive response from many students and teachers.

These prefabricated containers schools are portable that they could be lifted by truck if you want to move to other places. It means that it's easy to carry the building with you!

These houses are also could be expanded with much more units to hold different grades of students.


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