Prefabricated House Container Classroom Prices

To meet the diverse requirements of our customers in the best way, we offer variety types of prefabricated schools. Every prefab school buildings start with a custom vision. Our experienced team will work with you to do the decoration interior and exterior as you required. Our container...
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The cost of a portable classroom depends on its size and custom design, and the unit price for buying a portable classroom ranges from $120 to about $180.

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The advantages of this product are:

1. Lower cost: depending on the customization options, you can pay much less for the portable classroom than for the permanent increase in your campus.

2. Flexibility: if your school needs more space, the mobile classroom can meet your needs. This can happen for any reason, including an unexpected influx of new students, damage to a permanent building or growth in your area, while the planned budget cannot keep up. When you do, you can also move the portable classroom to other areas of the campus.

3. Fast solution: you can get a portable classroom in about half of the time required for a traditional building. If you have a large influx of students, whether they are refugees from neighboring areas or from another country, this is crucial. Some modular buildings can be installed in just a few months.

4. Customization: A portable classroom can be customized to meet your specific needs. Options range from small cubicles to large lobbies, HVAC systems, ADA auxiliary functions, security systems, and even design options

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