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In order to allow children in poor areas to have a good education in Kenya, the K-home design department has proposed a very low-cost modular container school. We believe this measure will solve the problem of insufficient educational facilities because our The mission is to protect the...
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This is our container primary school project in Nairobi, Kenya.

The school is built with prefabricated quick assembly container houses, all materials can be recycled and reused, which also shows the school's respect for the environment.

container school-5

container school-1


container school-8

From the figure above we can see how a simple container house is installed. It can be assembled completely by screws. What's more, its price is affordable. It's amazing!

Simple container houses, after our transformation, can provide beautiful and affordable classrooms, and provide a beautiful and comfortable learning environment for children. And it's affordable and transportable.

container school-2

container school-3

When you look at a completed project, it's almost impossible to say that we even use containers.

In addition, houses built with these containers are much cheaper than those built with traditional methods in schools. Besides, we are able to carry out most of the construction outside the site.

As the main body of the container wall is light steel structure, it has strong expansibility and is extremely durable.

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