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After being completely decorated and prepared, the prefabricated schools do little interference to the surrounding environment and could be easily transformed and expandable.
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Temporary Classrooms

After being completely decorated and prepared, the prefabricated schools has minimal impact on the surrounding environment and can be easily retrofitted and expanded.


More information about our company and such container schools are as follows:

1. Manufacturing and obtaining CE and ISO certificates, with professional quality control and after-sales service team to ensure quality.

2. Professional packaging: steel tray + plastic film .(most suppliers will put the materials of modular houses into containers one by one, which is easy to be damaged during transportation)

3. High quality price competitiveness: we will reduce the price without reducing the quality, give more profits to dealers, and develop big business together.

4. 100% of the exported houses have rich experience in construction laws and regulations in various countries.

The advantages of this affoldable container school

This portable classrooms has the following advantages to attract people's attention

1. Rapid production

Most of the parts are manufactured automatically by machines, which can produce 30 units per day

2. Special bolt connection design

1) two workers will install a house within 8 hours

2) reduce the space in the container: a 20 ft container can hold 5 units, and a 40 HC container can hold 12 units.

The house is composed of one door, two windows, walls, roof and floors.

4. It can be combined into a large room.

6. Large glass or siding can be added to make the mobile classroom look modern. 

Temporary Classrooms1

Temporary Classrooms6

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