Modular Container Classrooms

The reason why the school use prefab modular container classroom is partly because of its cost and high mobility.
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It is impossible to accurately estimate or increase or decrease the number of students enrolled in the school each year. If the number of students is reduced, more physical school buildings will be left idle. Not only does it cause waste of resources, but it also takes up a lot of land, so container buidling can solve this problem well. K-home modular container classroom teaching building has good earthquake resistance, windproof and fireproof performance, and good cold and heat insulation performance to ensure the safety and comfort of the teaching building.

What’s more, the construction time is very short, will not influence the new term begin. The roof, ground, and circuit systems are fully factory prefabricated, making site installation convenient and fast, and shortening the time interval from building a house to using it. The steel structure system makes the house have an excellent resistance to wind speed of 120km / h; the light structure makes the house show a good integrity when it encounters an earthquake disaster with an earthquake intensity of 8 degrees. It can be transported as a whole, or it can be compressed and packed. The site has a small amount of basic production and can be used after it is delivered to the site. It can be recycled and used for 20 years without any construction waste. The roof adopts a structural waterproof design to enhance the air and water tightness of the house. When the house leaves the factory, you can choose to add decorative accessories such as awnings according to the actual application.

So, in all, modular container classrooms will be your good choice.

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