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The main structure and interior and exterior decoration of the container house, including internal water and electricity installation, functional area division and room supporting facilities (such as color TV, refrigerator, washing machine, bathing device, sanitary and furniture, etc.) are all...
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Container schools, as the name suggests, are built from containers. Do you think it is a tin box, there are only a few tables and chairs, blackboard? Haha, guess wrong! In addition to the container school can move, the biggest highlight is high technology. There are solar panels, sinks, pipes and windows that provide solar power and clean water and air, computers, projectors and more.

modular classroom

modular classroom

More than once, I have seen a container-type school in the Wenchuan earthquake on the Internet to help students return to school. When I saw it for the first time, I was still thinking about building a container school. Is it not good to build an ordinary school? What are the benefits?

Now I gradually understand the advantages of container schools in the disaster area: container school construction time is short, and strive to let students start learning in the shortest time. The container school is very safe in the absence of aftershocks and will not collapse. Container schools are a combination of individual containers that can be separated into different classrooms without too much design. Container houses are well sealed and will not leak through the wind. The construction of container houses is cheap, saving the cost of earthquake relief and so on. Most of the containers used are second-hand containers or pre-packaged containers. The purchase price is cheap, the source is abundant, and resources are saved.

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