Fast Pre Built Modular Container School

Going to school is the wish of all children and the only way for children to achieve the future. However, in some parts of Africa, going to school has become a dream that children are eager to reach. Container schools are widely used in poor areas and disaster areas due to their fast installation speed...
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Product Details

The school container house is composed of top frame component, bottom frame component, corner column and several interchangeable wall panels. The modular design concept and production technology are adopted to modularize a box house into standard parts and components, which can be assembled or hoisted on site at the land to be used. The product takes the box as the basic unit, the box structure adopts special cold-formed galvanized steel members, the enclosure and thermal insulation materials are all made of non combustible materials, the water heating electrical, decoration and supporting functions are all prefabricated in the factory, without secondary construction, on-site assembly or overall hoisting and landing can be moved in. the portable school building havs been used alone or by different combinations of horizontal and vertical directions to form spacious use space and lamination.

The flat pack house has simple and safe structure, low requirement for foundation, quick installation on site, convenient moving and moving, many times of turnover, long service life, etc. the product has no wastage for disassembly and assembly, no construction waste, and can be used as office, accommodation, restaurant, bathroom, entertainment and combined large space, which can meet the requirements of construction camp, municipal temporary room, field. Demand for operation barracks, emergency housing, schools, hospitals, tourist posts and various commercial houses.




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