Classroom Building Container Prefabricated House

The main structure and interior and exterior decoration of the container house, including internal water and electricity installation, functional area division and room supporting facilities (such as color TV, refrigerator, washing machine, bathing device, sanitary and furniture, etc.) are all...
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More than 20 standard containers are centrally located in the 2,700 square meter site center, including four container classrooms, a computer room, a library and a large outdoor playground. At the installation site, the workers placed all the components of the box on the square, installed the bottom frame and the column on the horizontal line, installed the surrounding wall panels, laid the lines and laid the floor, and finally painted a layer of colored paint on the doors and windows.

The classrooms transformed by the container have congenital advantages. The structural strength of the container can reach 1.7 tons per square meter. Compared with the traditional building load requirements, the load performance of the container is higher and the structural stability is good.



Series No.: KHCMD04

Number of standard containers: 2


Steel Structure:

container house

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