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First of all, the possible exploration of container house construction uses is exciting. From disaster shelters, first aid centers to apartments, holiday villas, roadside shops, adventure camps, containers can be converted into houses for almost any purpose.


Although the container house of the fast building type has already appeared in the past, due to the limitation of the scope of application, it is rarely concerned by everyone, and it can not cause the construction process of the project.

The fast-built container house, also known as the mobile container house, refers to a simple residence with windows and doors that is mainly based on containers and has been transformed.


If you do not consider the waterproof, rainproof and sunproof isolation, even if you replace the high-end cargo container, it will be quickly destroyed. Therefore, we have improved on the basis of the actual situation, and we have designed a complete drainage system for the container house. . First, there are four drainage channels on the roof. Second, the bottom of the drainage channel is the downpipe. Each house has four downpipes, which can directly talk about the storage of the roof. In this way, the hidden danger of rainwater corrosion on the house is greatly reduced.


Container house has showing more and more important role, not only for some big project and emergency, such as Huoshenshan Hospital, Xiaotangshan Hospital, etc. Also has works good role in disaster reconstruction work.


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