Prefabricated Container Homes

The Prefabricated Container Homes can be used as temporary office, living room, canteen and shops.
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The Prefabricated Container Homes can be used as temporary office, living room, canteen and shops. They are mainly used in remote areas, construction sites, schools, hospitals, tourist attractions and so on. Since 90% of construction work can be finished in the factory, customers only need to build a simple ground foundation and assemble all components together on site, which will reduce the construction time greatly and the whole installation process will be less influenced by the weather. So our prefabricated Container Homes can provide users a comfortable space in a short time. 


These Prefabricated Container Homes have a stable structure as its frame is made of  galvanized steel, which has good strength and good resistance to corrosion. And the wall is made of EPS sandwich panel and rock wool sandwich panel, which have excellent  thermal insulation properties and superior sound insulating effect. You can rest assure that the quality of our container house is guaranteed. This product is also practical and durable, can be used for a long time.

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1. Customized design for unit combination, internal layout and panel materials

2. Flexible combination, modular house can be easily combined

3. Time and labor saving

4. Easy assembly and we provide install drawing and video for clients. 

5. Well insulation, extreme climate tolerance

6. Good looking and neat inside

7. Excellent resistance for water, wind, earthquake

8. The service life is more than 30 years

9. Our products are very good in heat preservation and fire prevention



During the past twenty years, we have been looking for the best way to improve quality, service and so on. Now we are the leader of this container field, we have exported many equipment to improve the speed and the beauty of the steel structure and panel. Moreover, we will give you after-sales service, we will give guidance to you, thus there is no need to warry about how to installa.

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