Portacabin Welfare Unit

The characteristic of worker quarters Singapore is that they can be disassembled and assembled freely, and are easy to transport and move.
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Portacabin welfare unit are a great choice if you need a small or large enclosed office space on-site. Office containers are equipped with insulation, electrical, windows and doors. Our office container carries the strength and dependability of a standard ISO container and combines durability with comfort and efficiency.

Advantages and features of portacabin welfare unit Complete specifications, wide range of uses, strong interchangeability, high strength, low resonance coefficient, sound insulation, heat insulation, and good seismic performance.

High cost performance The portacabin welfare unit has superior materials, reasonable price, one-time investment, and can be reused. It can replace the prefabricated house, which can greatly reduce the structure and foundation of the building. The construction period is short, the total cost of the project and the comprehensive use cost are low, the activity performance is strong, and the overall life span is 10-15 years.

The environment-friendly and economical portacabin welfare unit has a reasonable design, can be recycled for many times, has a low loss rate, and does not produce construction waste at the use site and does not pollute the environment.

Beautiful appearance The overall appearance of the cargo compartment is beautiful, the interior and exterior dimensions are colored decorative steel plates, the color is bright, the texture is soft, the board surface is flat, the design and color are coordinated, and the decoration is good.

Convenient hoisting components are easy to install, and the installation period is short, which is especially suitable for emergency projects or other temporary projects.


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