Prefabricated Portable Container Toilet

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1) The Prefabricated Portable Container Toilet adopts a popular design, which is novel, beautiful, small in area, and flexible in movement.

2) The product has good sealing, high strength, easy installation, and service life of more than 20 years. The product has a lightweight and strong stability and can be used repeatedly. The product surface has no seams, flat and smooth, easy to clean, and easy to maintain.

3) Our bottom waterproofing special treatment, three-layer waterproofing treatment, plus industrial rubber sealing interface, solve the problem of high-frequency use of toilets and long-term humidity.

4) It is easy to install and can be transported as a whole in a short distance, eliminating the trouble of disassembly and assembly.

5) Install a ventilating fan in the toilet, which can quickly discharge the indoor humid air.

6) Each toilet is equipped with doors and windows, and there is sufficient lighting.

7) The requirements for the foundation are very low, the purlins at the bottom are dense, and the safety performance is high.

8) The roof has a perfect waterproof system to ensure that when there is much rain, it will not enter the room from the roof.

9) All steel frames are made of galvanized steel frames, which are anti-corrosion and anti-rust.

10) Applicable to public places such as cities, living quarters and tourist areas.

Portable Container Toilet (3)Portable Container Toilet

portable container toilets

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