Portable Container Toilet

Portable container toilet can be designed into different sizes to meet different needs like construction site, tourist attractions or other public use.
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Portable container toilet can provide durable, easily movable, clean and attractive solutions for Clients. Khome portable container toilet has been widely used in camp sites, parks, stadiums, exhibition venue or other public places. Moreover, the portable container toilet can also be used in disaster relief area, construction site and other outdoor activities. All portable container toilet provided by us is fully equipped, includes toilet, urinals, lamps, and pumps. Besides, clients can choose the types of floor, ceiling, and exterior decoration panel freely.

Whether you need the toilet be movable or permanently fixed in one place, our portable container toilet can both meet your need. You can move it to another place after dismantle it or as a whole. The assembly and disassembly is very easy to operate. We will provide the video for clients' reference.

Internal Finishing

prefabricated bathroom

Delivery Site 

prefab house

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