Fast Assembly Movable Container Toilet

Fast assembly movable container toilet are often referred to as “camping toilets” or “porta potty”, but they’re not just limited to outdoor camping trips and remote site.
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Fast assembly movable container toilet is not different with traditional toilet, modern toilet can be fast prebuilt in factory and fast assembly, which are used in any area where traditional toilet and are inconvenient or absent entirely.

the prefabricated restroom can most put in construction site, and its assemble dont limited the terrain,weather, and the toilet can be install the exhaust fan to exchange the air.

the flat pack toilet can be combined by two standard modular house, one is for men,and another is for women, so it can save the cost sharply than pernament toilet.

Fast Assembly Movable Container Toilet7

the advantage of toilet:

1. Fast assenmble process can reduce time for your project.

2. The toilet include seating toilet, wash basin and aluminum shutter window.

3. Anti-corrosion coating can be normally used for more than 15 years.

4. Environmental friendly: the toilet can be assembled and disassembled for 7 times.

5. Flexible design: the design can be customized according to your idea.

There are many different designs for you to choose. pls feel free to contact us.

Fast Assembly Movable Container Toilet

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