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Public toilet is a place which easy to get corrosion, even when we decorate our own house, we need do special water proof treatment in the toilets, let alone public toilet.

Considering this, we do special waterproof treatment for the toilet floor. We make three water proof layers above the steel structure, first we put cement board on the steel structure, then followed by  waterproof linoleum, and patterned aluminum board.   At the corner of the wall,  we bend the edge of the aluminum board , make it 10cm high on the wall.

In this way, the whole floor is a closed ground. And it needs to be checked regularly. If there is water leakage at the interface, it should be sealed with industrial glue in time. Such waterproof treatment can reduce the corrosion of the steel frame by water and enhance the overall life of the toilet.

Generally, PVC floor leather is used, which also has a waterproof function. Why do we choose a patterned aluminum plate? Because the toilet floor is a place with high frequency of water washing, and many will use corrosive cleaning agents, if it is PVC floor leather, it can be washed, but it is not protected against corrosion. Therefore, in addition to the anti-skid and waterproof functions, the replacement pattern aluminum plate also has the function of anti-corrosion.


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