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The ablution block offers different sizes and models to meet varying needs. Furthermore, you can customize your special ablution block. Basically the ablution block is customized based on a 20ft standard container unit, it can be connected many units together reach to your different space requirements.

The main materials of the ablution block are light steel structure and sandwich panel for wall these enable ablution block, lightweight, easy to move, and anti-seismic. Moreover very important it is easy to assemble and disassemble.

We do special waterproof solution for the floor because ablution block is a place which has frequently use and water clean places, so waterproof is the key important thing for it.

We have been developing ablution block 15 years, incorporating special features making it waterproof. We are dedicated to offering the best quality and most cost-effective offers for you.

We ablution block fully equipped, take single one as an example, exhaust fan, toilet or squat toilet, light, switch, socket, door, bottom waste tank, pipeline, all those equipment flat packed with ablution block room, the standard size is 5.95*3*2.8m.

We aim to support your business and product on a long term basis, not a one-off transaction. You are welcome to visit our production facilities and our team!

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