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The construction site always needs the facilitiesto arrange the worker. And the place needs to be providing for meeting and store the documents. This place is called as “portable site office”, even though the space is big and with good decoration.
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The construction site always needs facilities to arrange the workers and has to build meeting and document storage space. This place is called “portable site office", which can provide big space with good decoration.

The site office is comfortable, multi-functional and attractive. In China, there is a policy:

“In the reasonable area, construction site must provides enough work space for workers, and consider any necessary facilities for workers”

There are 2 types of the products:

Portable site office – Container house:

Price: USD 2100/per unit

Container house size: 3m x 6m x 2.8m

One 40HQ shipping container 12 units our standard house container house size

Potable site office-Prefab house

Price: USD 50/m2

Size for each room: 5.46m x 3.64m

One 40HQ shipping container can load 300 square meter house (15 rooms)


Portable Site Office 4

 All these types of portable site offices can be combined together, which can contain hundreds of people. The house can be built into a three-story structure, the steel stairs can be installed inside or outside, and we can also add inside corridor for the office. If you want it to be more beautiful, we can add glass walls as well.

Once the offices are installed, they can be sold or rented. They are not disposable, can be used repeatedly.

Modular container Frame/Construction




Project Show:


Factory Show






1. Q: How about your delivery time?

A: Normally, the delivery time is as follows: Prefab house: 20-25days, Container house: 15-20days, Steel structure: 25-30days.

2. Q: What about the Month Capacity?

A: Prefab house: 80,000m2, Container house: 800 units.

3. Q: What is your package?

A: Container house is in flat pack. Other houses will be loaded into shipping containers(main structure and panels in bulk, door/window/ceiling/floor tiles/, sanitary/electrical/plumbing/hardware/fittings/installation tools ).

4. Q: What’s you payment terms?


5. Q: What certificate do you have?

A: We have been awarded the certificate by CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and China Classification Society. Meantime, we have been inspected many times by TUV, SGS for the factory and products.

6. Q: What kind of technical drawings could you provide?

A: We could provide three-view drawing, 3D picture, blueprint, and so on.

7. Q: What is the lifespan and warranty period?

A: The lifespan for Prefab house is 5 to 10year, Container house is 10-15years. The warranty period for all the house is 12months from the delivery.

8. Q: What the value added service do you have?

A: We have camp/community planning design, indoor and outdoor electrical/plumbing design, communication/fire alarm/security system supply, furniture/ electric appliance offer, etc.

9. Q: Could you supply the service of installation?

A: Yes, we have 30 experienced supervisors who can arrive at the site to guide the installation whenever necessary.