Portable Container Family House

Stackable Prefabricated Container House This prefabricated modular stackable mini house concept was created for emergency / disaster houses. At first glance, they look like shipping containers, but they are not. The prefabricated house could be designed with kitchen, living area, dining area,...
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Portable Container Family House

Rising prices of house have made it impossible for potential homeowners to find homes they can afford. Prices vary across the country. As house prices used to be very low, we see more and more people moving to other cities, and now the price of houses in that city has risen sharply. The high cost of home ownership cannot be avoided.

It's a tough scenario for a generation to see home ownership as a pipe dream rather than a dream.

Container house

The price of the Portable container family house can range from $2100 to $3500. The price of the prefabricated model will be lower because we keep updating the house and develop new technology thus greatly reducing the price.

Container Family HouseContainer family house

When you look inside many of these houses, their floors, cabinets, windows and everything you might want are beautiful and with low cost.

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