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The portable temporary office cabin standard equipment: two windows, one door,MGO floor board,socket,ceiling lamp, etc.The portable temporary office cabin is widely used in all corners of the construction industry, such as: construction sites, office, tourist attractions, warehouses, villas, school supermarkets, etc.
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The container office is large enough, the light is bright enough, and the office is comfortable. It can be divided into multiple office areas to greatly improve work efficiency; 

Container dormitory can hold 5 to 6 bunk beds and can accommodate 10 to 12 people. Floor tile laying, easy to clean, EPS color steel sandwich panel insulation, into the modern home design concept, so that employees live more comfortable; multiple containers connected to the conference room, can greatly improve the efficiency of the meeting.

Performance: Resistance to damage, fireproof, heat and sturdiness.

Features: Single-complex connection, building block combination, freewheeling, free color matching, flexible space design.

Advantages: Convenient transportation, ready-to-install, quick relocation.

Environmental protection: Recycling, non-deformation, long life of more than 15 years, no waste.

Specifications: Standard container: 6m × 368m × 2.8m



Prefabricated Office Building

Prefabricated Office Building (2)

Steel Construction Site Office

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