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Prefab site office Singapore can protect the environment, because it does not generate any construction waste when it is disassembled and assembled, and it can also be recycled. Its location is also very strong.
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1. Main features Temporary construction office

1.1. Easy to move

Containers are a link to traffic circulation, and their uses are very extensive. With the development of technology, container transportation and equipment have been relatively perfect. The transformation and utilization of container houses are in line with the needs of transportation development in the times. The advantages of container houses are: Strong flexibility; easy to move; no large-scale disassembly is required when relocating; temporary residence is convenient.

1.2. Safe and stable

The container house is characterized by strong, durable, safe, and strong pressure bearing capacity. Generally speaking, the load-bearing capacity of the top, bottom and front and rear sides of the 40-foot container reaches 1.7t/㎡, and the load-bearing capacity of the four corner posts reaches 86.4t, about The lateral compression capacity is 0.5t/㎡, the lateral rigidity is 15.2t, and the longitudinal rigidity is 7.6t. It has an excellent performance in wind resistance and pressure resistance. Due to its sturdiness and durability, it is generally not easily damaged, thus ensuring its use. The residence is safe, and its good waterproof performance can effectively block the emergence of rainwater leakage. However, it is worth noting that if we want to further improve the container house and improve safety performance, we must use a combination of fireproof materials and thermal insulation materials.

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