Temp Container Dormitory

The temp container dormitory is a new type of house with new concept. Its main idea is environmental protection and economy. It is widely used in temporary construction sites, such as construction sites, which is to make use of the integrity and flexibility of vehicular container houses, so as to adapt to the flexible workplace such as construction sites.
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1. Brief introduction of prefab container dormitory

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1. The house is a new type of house building with integrity and flexibility, which is made of steel materials connected by bolts.

2. The flexibility of the house is particularly outstanding. It can be easily completed with only one crane when watching K-home.

3. The emergence of the car borne container house has set up a new concept of temporary house and realized the general standardization of temporary building.

4. The interior of the house is well decorated and can be connected with external power, and the interior can be equipped with air conditioning, K-home and other electrical facilities, making the house comfortable.

modular house

container house

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modular container

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