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The modular office complexes are composed of a top frame component, a bottom frame component, corner posts and several interchangeable wall panels. Using a modular design concept and production technology, a container is modularized into standard parts and assembled on site at the site and it can be hoisted.
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Product Details

Product description:

All of our office container models are designed and built for all year round usage in Europe – even the harsh winters! Office containers provide a fast, affordable and flexible solution when you need high quality space.

Models can be combined to form larger spaces, and we provide a large amount of modifications to the containers, such as glass walls, customized size and furniture

Containers are available new and used in Europe. Special models are made in Europe and can be built based on your design.


   1. Performance: firm, sealed, beautiful, moisture-proof, heat-insulating, anti-seismic

2. Features: spacious and open, bright and airy, easy to clean, beautiful appearance

3. Combination: upper and lower duplex, single and double connectivity, group combination, overall beauty

   4. Environmental protection: energy saving, recycling, life span of more than 10 years, without any operation waste

   5. Specifications: Standard box: 6 meters long * 3 meters wide * 2.8 meters high (first floor) 7 meters long * 3 meters wide * 2.78 meters high (second floor) Non-standard box: customized according to the picture.

Product advantages

   1. More user-friendly: good heat insulation and sound insulation effect, warm in winter and cool in summer, clean and hygienic, comfortable and safe life; exquisite and elegant, beautiful and elegant.

   2. Rugged and durable: all made of steel, with strong resistance to earthquake and deformation; good sealing performance, waterproof, fireproof and anticorrosive.

   3. Environmental protection and energy saving: As it is ready to use, it will be lifted away by crane immediately after use, and no operation waste will be generated; recycling will save more energy.

   4. Flexible combination: multiple boxes can be combined into meeting room, dormitory, kitchen, bathroom, etc., and it is very fast.

   5. Convenient disassembly: The house is of an overall structure, and the whole box can be transported to the destination as soon as the car is hoisted.

   6. Easy to move: The entire container can be quickly moved to any position with a crane.

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