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This Site Office Containers has a stable structure as its frame is made of galvanized steel, which has good strength and good resistance to corrosion.
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This Site Office Containers has a stable structure as its frame is made of galvanized steel, which has good strength and good resistance to corrosion. And the wall is made of EPS sandwich panel and rock wool sandwich panel, which have excellent thermal insulation properties and superior sound insulating effect. We believe that our product will bring you safe and comfortable environment!


Price: USD 2100/per unit

Container house size: 3m x 6m x 2.8m

One 40HQ shipping container 12 units our standard house container house size

Potable site office-Prefab house

Price: USD 50/m2

Size for each room: 5.46m x 3.64m

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Site Office Containers


Modular container Frame/Construction




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According to analysis, more and more people are optimistic about the development prospects of container houses, and many high-quality houses have played an indispensable and important role in various industries. Some people who especially like it will also customize the design with different styles and specifications. K-home strictly according to technical standards that need to be referenced for containers:

1. Material requirements

Site office containers of different materials will bring different comfort. Some people customize it according to actual needs, but some people also use it as mobile RVs. From a large number of customized statistical information, most of them use cotton color steel plates. Galvanized square steel pipes can be considered around the ceiling and the keel locations on the ground.

2. Node process requirements

The doorway of the container house needs to withstand large pressures, and high-strength materials need to be used to ensure that the doorway is not deformed. The floor of the room must be kept in the position of the assembly and disassembly blocks at the splicing position, and it must pay attention to the identification during the production process; The interior and exterior of the room can be decorated with colored steel plates. In addition, toilets, kitchens, toilets and other places need to retain the location of exhaust fans and side drainage to improve the suitability of living.

With the improvement and improvement of technology, K-home container houses have received more and more attention from all walks of life, and more and more people have searched for word-of-mouth container board houses to order. Site office containers need to understand the requirements of related materials and node processes, as well as the requirements of related electrical layouts. Therefore, buyers are advised to consult custom manufacturers in advance to understand the corresponding container house technical requirements.

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