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Khome offer the best range of portable office containers. Having been made from high-quality raw material and using technologically advanced machinery, our container house is highly durable and functionally efficient.
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Breif Introduction

Khome new generation portable office container that are produced with completely disassembled screw and bolt system are the first choice when people have high requirement on the installation speed of the house.

Comparing to the traditional building, our easy assembly portable container are 30% less carbon emissions, 100% recyclable eco-friendly and also have advantages of rapid production, fully demounted advantage that enable assemble-disassemble repeatedly. One shipping container can load 12 units of our office container in standard size, which can save a lot in cost. These characteristics make this container office to be the best solution for working camps and administration office. We can also provide the bunkbed, desk and chairs, office tables, and other furniture as the requirements of clients.

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container house (12)

portable office container

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