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The construction site always needs the facilitiesto arrange the worker. And the place needs to be providing for meeting and store the documents. This place is called as “portable site office”, even though the space is big and with good decoration.
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Prefabricated site offices are made of light-structured metal and then installed at the premises. The prefab modular house and the prefab house are not very different.

After the office has been built, it can be easily extended to include new modules or demolished existing units-based on the living situation of the company and the finances.

You can move the prefabricated site offices easily. Since the materials we use are light, you can lift the office by cranes.

The experts, on the other hand, believe that prefabricated buildings or packages can lead easily to implemented solutions.

What's more, the modular house has very short construction work that takes about 24 hours on site. The weather-related prefabrication of the elements in the factory will reduce construction time on the building site. The high quality of the components can help to reduce maintenance costs. It allows larger amounts of apartments to be constructed more rapidly.Portable Site Office 4

All these types of prefabricated site offices can be combined together, can contain hundreds of people. Also, the house can be built as 3 stories; the steel stairs can be installed inside or outside, and we can also add inside the corridor for the office. If you want it much beautiful, we can add a glass wall.

Once the offices installed, they can be sold or rented. They are not disposable, can be used repeatedly.

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