Prefabricated Portable Office

Prefabricated Portable Office
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Prefabricated Portable Office Advantages:

1. Adapt to ambient temperature: (-5℃55℃);

2. Earthquake resistance: level 10 or above;

3. Windproof sand performance: above 12 grades;

4. Sound insulation performance: more than 3545db noise, meet the requirements of Grade 1-2 of GB8485;

5. Rainproof sealing performance: when the rainfall intensity is 5-7mm/min, at a 45-degree angle to the sidewall, after a 15-minute rain test, no water leakage is allowed in the ceiling, sidewalls, doors, windows, orifices;

6. Insulation performance: K value is lower than 0.26W/m2.k. When using the air conditioner, when the ambient temperature is greater than 40℃, the indoor temperature is not higher than 25℃;

7. Durable life: 15 years (normal use).

8. Structure: the outside is fully welded with special wall panels, there is a heat insulation layer in the middle, and the interior is decorated with high-density fireproof boards, which is simple and elegant.

The colored steel container mobile home is lighter than the all-steel structure and may be blown by the wind when it encounters an 8-level strong wind. It may be dangerous. Experts suggest that when using colored steel containers, it should be built with colored steel like the room; there is a device to fix the bottom.

In the lightning protection design, the metal box can be used as a flash connector and a down conductor. When the components cannot be connected, various external metal additional components should be connected to the main box with metal wires; when the container door is opened, the lower panel is set In the case of balconies, there should be a reliable connection between the box door and the uprights, and no door hinges are allowed to bear the weight. When conditions permit, the external components may be wood components or rigid wood components.


Prefabricated Portable Office

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