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Our prefabricated porta cabin is a designer to improve the housing conditions for low-income people and to improve the housing environment of workers on the construction site.

Besides living quarters, the prefabricated porta cabin can be arranged as offices, dormitories, dining rooms, sanitary rooms, toilets, storage areas, shopping sites, etc.

We could analysis its features from below characters:

1. Quick installation: The setting-up of the prefabricated porta cabin on-site is easy and quick. All the parts are pre-produced in our factory. 3 workers in one unit, they could install 3 prefabricated porta cabins in one day. Per prefabricated porta cabin is 6meters long, 3meters wide, and 2.8 meters high.

2. Easy moving: The prefabricated portacabin could be a move to another place totally by lifting hooks or disassembled, transfer all the parts only.

3. The affordable price compares to the permanent building, as the data shows prefabricated porta cabin is about 30% cheaper than the cost of a permanent building.

4. Recycle to use: Once your project finished in 1 or 2 years, have to shift to another place, the house could be disassembled and transfer all the parts to another place to make assemble again. Under proper maintenance, the prefabricated portacabin could recycle to use for 3 times.

5. Long life span, the house could be used for 15 years or more.

6. Low shipping cost, compared to a shipping container, 12 standard prefabricated porta cabin is delivered in a single 40hq shipping container.

flat pack container (2)

container house

office container

container school-7

container school-8

container school-10

container school-11

container school-12

container school-13

container school-14

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