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As a construction project, after the construction site is completed, it will generally be moved to another site. How can it reduce the cost savings of workers' offices and accommodation houses, and does not reduce the quality and conditions of accommodation? The container house can satisfy this, it can be moved together with the whole, and can be directly used without disassembly or re-installation. The container house can be used repeatedly and cyclically, and it has a long life span. Users basically do not have to worry about quality problems. Therefore, the ability to move freely with the construction site greatly meets the needs of the construction site.

The prefabricated modular room model achieves no waste on site installation; lean management and standardization limit the generation of waste during the production process; good thermal insulation effect reduces the energy consumption of heating and air conditioning in winter; noiseless, fast, Destroying the on-site environment and restoring the original appearance of the site when the project is removed are all true protections for the environment and are truly sustainable industries.

The main structure of the container is a light steel frame and a sandwich panel as the enclosing material. It has low resistance and is easy to collapse when the foundation is not solid, typhoon, earthquake, etc. The containers can be stacked up and down, left and right extended and shortened, and can be assembled arbitrarily to create a large space and personalized house. Adjustable house base can also adapt to different ground requirements.


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container house

container house

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