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Prefabricated houses are made of the sandwich panels which need to be assembled forming a house. Aside from being the cheaper alternative to a home, they are also proven to be more efficient. The concepts of prefab houses are now being applied to some of the houses in the world now. We began to study, and manufacture this prefab house from the year 2007.

In many places, when people hear about prefab houses, they often associate them with low-cost housing – and not in a good way. Prefabricated units in the country are often barracks, outposts, shelters, and non-permanent structures. Aside from being cheaper, they usually are not very attractive.

But apart from these questions, we have been upgraded our house many times, now our prefab house could reach to great waterproof ability, weather resistance, durable, and long life service span.

One of the most convenient features of prefab houses is that when you want to expand the house or add a story, you will just have to purchase modules to be fitted and assembled to your current prefab unit. Of course, if you wish to enhance the original design even before the production of the modules start, you can readily do so.

We had challenged the conventional housing approach of securing a reliable and beautiful yet affordable dwelling place. What the modular housing approach has given rise to is the idea to start with just a few modules and continue to expand should you have the means in the future. Contact us for more information.

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